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Welcome to my page and great having you here, my name is Roy Benoist and this page is here to demonstrate some of the solutions I've ideated and supported over the last couple of years.

During these last years I've held several positions being a technology consultant, manager for a sales team, European District manager for a technology solutions department and developed into an Enterprise group director for a customer facing enterprise consultancy team. Currently I have the focus to release new enterprise solutions on a global scale inside of our Healthcare Team and help to develop new ways to enhance corporate enterprise innovation. I have a clear focus on bringing large internationals into the Web3 - Blockchain era while supporting start ups on to go.

During my career I've always been keen on new innovation and have done innovation from the ideation into the production phase, many of these solutions are currently being used by the main global retail and technology brands.

This page reflects some of my work and keeps track of the latest projects that I'm doing, please send me a message if you want to see my portfolio.

Thank you for being here.




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  1. Hi Roy great to see this page and the things that you are doing. You have been a great help to grow our company and see you as a great business partner. Looking forward to take the next steps.

  2. Roy has to be one of the most creative and inspirational guys I’ve worked with. A leader in innovation and driving change. I have personally learnt a lot from many discussions with him.

  3. Roy is a great inspirational leader driven by innovation and the need to broden the scope. He knows how to get strong potentials around him and to develop them through empowerment. Roy is a “must have” when it deals with provoke and conduct change!

  4. When it comes about innovation, driving change, disrupt, build and lead high performing teams, Roy is definitively the person exceeding expectations.
    With a unique leadership style, based on trust and empowerment, and an inherent and powerful motivational spirit, he is able to drive new ideas and concepts forward, same as developing people around him.
    Working closely with Roy is always an enriching experience.

  5. Roy,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you. I really appreciate your suggestions and I’m glad you have shared a bit of your experience. I would say good luck with WORK, however after our meeting i need to say ADVENTURES as I’m truly impressed by what you do and how you do. It’s absolutely awesome that somewhere there we have people like you and your team, which not only deliver fantastic results, but are also happy to share the experience and knowledge. Thanks for that!

  6. Hi Roy, I just wanted to leave you a message, I did my last day today for a new exciting chapter in my life. I needed the move for my personal and professional development and got an offer that I couldn’t turn down.
    It’s been a good ten years though and I must say that my short time in solutions was probably the most inspiring time during my time at UPS. And it’s because people like yourself.
    Would love to stay in contact one way or another, so please find my enclosed contact details.

    Stay cool Roy. You’re a legend.


  7. When I met Roy for the first time he introduced to a wide audience the design thinking principle and the potential of innovation for an organization’s future & profit, great visionary, very high interpersonal skills and what a way to present being entertaining, professional and creative.
    A person that gets credit for his work but most importantly gives a lot of credit to the team and people that support him like a real true team player and leader.
    What else could I add – it is always a pleasure spending time with you Roy!


  8. Roy has always been a great asset for UPS Customer Solutions Team in Europe and a great work partner.

    Roy is passionate about technology and innovation. He has always been one step ahead of everyone else in seeking new ways to deliver business solutions and exceed his customers expectations.

    His leadership, technology and IOT skills and ability to listen and share knowledge with others have always helped to create innovative, scalable and repeatable solutions, bringing additional value and market differentiators.

    I highly recommend Roy for your business ventures and for a guaranteed Return On Investment.

  9. Roy Benoist

    Thought leader

    The above would describe him succinctly , however you place Roy in your armoury and he will demonstrate value beyond !

  10. Roy,
    This page represents you well! For the years that we have been together, I must say that you are one of the most forward thinking people that I know. You are never satisfied with the what is, as you are always looking for more. Keep that spirit, as it will always fuel your drive to soar higher.
    We’ve explored a lot of innovative thing together and we’ve implemented quite a few. Just when I’m ready to settle down, like clockwork, you show up with something else. It’s great having a guy like you on the team as it keeps things fresh and exciting.
    Keep it going mate; you’ll always have my support.

  11. Roy is an innovative tho NNJ et with brilliant original concepts. More importantly, he possesses the tenacity and grit to go from imagination to wire frame with commercial applicability.

  12. Roy is a great innovation leader with excellent capabilities on driving opportunities through ideations taking both business use cases, stakeholder needs as technology capabilities into account. It has been a pleasure to work with Roy!

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