This solution builds in an extra security layer for deliveries.
Shipping out contracts, valuable items, medicines a layer of extra trust could make things more secure. You just want to be sure that deliveries are going to the right person.

With this solution we are able to build in an extra security step to be able to handle delicate goods and store store all of this information in a GDPR compliant way and this all following the latest standards on Identity storage.

This app could be installed on any chosen device.
In the example below an iPhone scans the drivers license (or passport) from the receiver / person to be verified and checks it across a machine learning database.

It’s a self learning aplication that learn and becomes smarter from every scan, it checks if the drivers license or pasport is real following measurements and ID numbers.

This solution can help to deliver packages of high value, medicines and or can be used to sign and deliver contracts.

Enclosed a video of the solution:


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