At first welcome to my portfolio, this is a small preview on what to find behind my locked portfolio section.

To tell you more on the field engineer app.
Many engineers in the field have shipments that are taken back the following working day to their office to be shipped out the next day.

This involved a lot of stale production time, this mobile solution enables field engineers to directly ship same day to a repair station or any predefined location. Using this labelles service on the go saves companies product turn around time to help reduce supply chain cost.

The first engineer app MVP is demonstrated below, this first ideation was based on a QR code setup that works together with a mobile app, it has build in geo location service offerings and gives direct feedback to the back-office.

Give it a try on your mobile phone, just scan the QR code:

Just recently we have made several enhancements and I’m able discuss these with you in a meeting.

This was just a small glimpse of my portfolio, just reach out to me when you would like to have more details or see my full portfolio here: portfolio


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