The new innovation process came to life through several design sprints and was focussed on the enhancement of the end user experience.
We developed the process and supporting portal with the main purpose to let ideators submit their ideas in all kinds of ways without building a challenging business case.
For example the portal accepts a simple email, a video, sketch on a paper napkin or really whatever you please.
We all do this to make it as simple as possible to submit an idea and to get a team to validate and support it.

On the day of posting the idea to the portal the submitter directly receives a welcome email. Within 5 days a person from one of our global teams will get in contact with the ideator.
Before the ideation will get its initial contact a triage team will already do a first verification. When the verification is approved our team will welcome the innovator to the process.

Here our team will review if the ideator should join a first conference call to show and discuss the idea or the person will be informed that the idea is out of scope, already submitted or didn't really fit inside our innovation scope.
In this case it could be that we guide the person on into other departments.

During the first call the ideator will get direct feedback on the idea.
Here we will also discuss the next steps to make for the potential,.."Big Pitch Call", don't worry; we've got you; support is here!!

The Big Pitch call has senior innovators and leaders from our department who will review the idea. From here if the idea is approved we will decide to go for a pilot or it will be cataloged for a later date. Nevertheless, we will get the right support in to make the idea happen.

A new department and dashboard is build based on our design sprint and positive outcome of the process and dashboard pilot.
We now recognize great ideas and support the new innovation strategy in a more easy going and creative way.

Enclosed was the first innovation dashboard MVP to handle new idea submission, just use your phone:

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